Picked Up A Kitten From The Street – What To Do

Fearing for the health of your loved ones and other pets living in the same house with a cat picked up from the street is a very justified concern. After all, street cats are most often carriers of various infections, just like the fact that they often have fleas. But you shouldn’t be afraid of them either. After all, these kittens grow the most loyal pets.


We bring the lady

Due to the fact that street cats are most susceptible to constant stress, it is normal for them to show aggression in the form of hiss when they want to be picked up. Therefore, this must be done carefully, wrapping the kitten in a warm blanket or any other thing. You can also use a special portable basket.

Can not be washed

Street kittens often get sick with shingles. And if we bring them as a lady, we immediately wash it with flea shampoo, as many want to do, then this will contribute to the development of the disease. And then the treatment process will be more complicated and take longer. This is not to mention the toxicity of such a shampoo when the street cat is already weakened.

In the case when the number of fleas is such that it makes the cat a constant desire to scratch itself, it is better to use a spray with drops. There are special products for small kittens. And this is important because there is a completely different dosage. If the cat is not worried about anything, then you need to wait for an appointment with the veterinarian.

Make an appointment with the veterinarian

The outwardly healthy appearance of a cat does not always confirm the same condition from the inside. After all, not all infections manifest themselves. Lichen is the most common problem of street cats, which is dangerous to humans. At the same time, the process of treatment for lichen is not as fast as we would like.

Also, street cats can have parasites on the skin and inside (worms). It is imperative to apply antiparasitic treatment. In this case, only a veterinarian can assign a remedy and indicate its dosage by examining the pet itself.

We keep the cat in the apartment

The fact that street cats are dangerous to other pets remains a fact. And this is not surprising. Since it is almost impossible to understand a sick or healthy animal, it is recommended to isolate it from other pets. You can simply give him a separate room until the cat is examined by a veterinarian.

You also need to isolate the street kitten from common toys and things. And if after you brought him home, 2 weeks have passed, and the cat is all right or the doctor confirms this, then he can be safely released to other animals. The fact is that 2 weeks is the incubation period, after which the disease manifests itself.

If pets are vaccinated against various infections, then this minimizes their risk of infection from another animal.


Every pet owner should get regular and necessary vaccinations for their pets. This will help them not only more easily tolerate diseases, but also less likely to catch them. It is especially important if you let your catwalk outside.

Just to vaccinate a street kitten right after you adopted him is not worth it. Since he is weakened, and you do not know if he is healthy at all. Vaccination is carried out exclusively when the kitten (cat) is completely healthy.

Gentle feeding

Stuffing a street kitten with food is a big mistake. Their stomachs are used to other foods, and to different quantities. Therefore, it will be correct to purchase special food for kittens, which contains all the most necessary and useful

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