Organic Vs Conventional Farming

It is common for agriculture, organic farming, However, to our urban population. Most organic and benefits of the people to understand not only growing, but it is wrong to believe that the luxury that one can afford. Conventional organic farming only by their ability to outperform in the short term, the only way to make us, which we feed the hungry is fast and cheap. We are here to correct the record.

“The reports emphasized the importance of the major changes in the global food system, we must face the double challenge of feeding a growing people with a growing demand for high-calorie food and relinquished, while minimizing the environmental impacts. Global”
2012 study

In this article, we will put organic farming, not only could no longer measure but also as the upper limit of civilization. We will explain the current results in a change from renewable conventional agriculture, organic farming and to discover what it would be like to complete agriculture.

Let’s take a more deeply towards the conventional agriculture, organic body.

choose organic
If you are in a grocery store mom was treated with a chemical to choose between lettuce or an equally attractive, inexpensive, and naturally perfect product, the choice was simple. Especially the families of the takes place in the nature of the natural weights are not, but both of feeding.

organic produce in the store, most of all if it is to be observed that organic farming are favorable to consumers given the choice
Especially the families of the takes place in the nature of the natural weights are not, but both of feeding.
Unfortunately, the resources and aid section of organic products are often less and less attractive, and those costs are not much shelf life.

The origin of us from this problem. A mother and her monthly budget do not have a limited option to choose organic. I shall not fail to have been overcome by the small farmers in the Christ, are the giant of agriculture. We can not in the future of culture is better for him not to leave to those who are of free-will. Changes will be made globally, and these changes need to be higher.

The agricultural revolution (s)
In conventional farming, large agricultural machines
And when he was in agriculture; c revolution, we have seen great progress in technology and focused on reducing the costs.
And it seems that it can not, however, all this was done that it might be the first in the morning, 10,000 BC, of ​​the Agricultural Revolution. hunter-gatherers where they are from their communities. He allowed the increase of the increase was in the days to the number of men is of charity, and this is still more the signs of better health will be in the first years of the life of a living being. Simple farming practices and all the plants were allowed to be established to provide food to their families. This is the agricultural industry.

Going to try to grow along with the growing focus on developing tools and practices, the pass play to the technological progress. The Revolution of agriculture took place in the 18th century was a time of great growth and agricultural practices. Technological improvements lead to an increase in crop yields and crop productivity through times as needed to feed people throughout the world.

Agriculture is a labor-intensive industry. That even with the development of modern technologies and equipment automation, large-scale farming also requires practical manpower. For this reason, the head of the field, from the human culture, there has always been a demand for precious things.

And contrary to conventional agriculture;
In today’s culture, we have created breakthroughs in conventional agriculture that can not be sustained, that the current rate. The industry, the princes, and the farmers are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs, improve productivity, and crop yields, increases, and productibility. To produce rapidly turned into agrochemical we are today, what we need while ignoring the needs of the future.

Only in a sense, we talked about where all the world’s topsoil can disappear in less than 60 years if we continue to do damage to our country, by conventional practices. We have first-hand instances in recent history where the rapid production of natural disasters was never enough to be married. However, for their profit and their practices in agriculture, too, can hurt you, continue to use.

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