sustainable agriculture of post-Covid-19 era

Global warming intends to climate change, loss of agricultural production and the bottoms of natural disasters. This year 2020, the world is Covid 19 against the pandemic. Business meats and numbness quarter sees no global supply chain Nations intensified.

Use of agricultural technology that can make the most stable quantity with quality products and agricultural products to cope with future volatility of the natural environment. An innovative agro-industrial model allows the short distance to the market and to consumers to buy fresh fruit at reasonable prices. Investing in sustainable agriculture, as the main focus in technology development and innovation in the direction of all countries where the post-Covid19 era.

Because of these matters, the International Association for agricultural sustainability (IaaS) worked in the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences from the University of Florida, USA to organize the International Congress of Innovation. But they took from 2020 to November 6 to 9, 2020.

Webinar focused on topics related to sustainable agriculture, culture, innovative technology investment agricultural cultivation. Professors, academics and experts from 26 countries attended the webinar to present their sustainability agricultural development project and to share ideas from a variety of angles and planes contained therein.

Keynote speaker, Dr. Simon M. Liu, Associate Administrator, USDA Agricultural Research Service, and Dr. Kessie Edwin, Director, Agriculture and keeping Commodities Division, World Trade Center (1992), Dr. Ravi Khetarpal, Executive Secretary of the Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI), Dr. Wopereis Mark, the director general of the World Vegetable Center reported on rural development from the point of application of artificial intelligence in agriculture innovative plan to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) green policy states, with growth in the country low- income countries vegetables.

Dr. Lao-Dar Juang, Planning Director of the Department of Agriculture, Executive Yuan Taiwan Map, Dr. The fast Hsiu-chung, President Mitagri Co., Ltd., Taiwan and Charles Huang, chairman of revolution Network Taiwan expressed efforts to aliquip part of the Taiwanese government, and industrial organizations in the field of agricultural development. In addition Tawain MS Kaihirun months of the Innovation Advisory Manager, National Innovation Agency, Thailand, and Ms. Mirosa Miranda, Associate Professor, University of Otago, New Zealand, Thailand and remove them from their perspective. New Zealand agriculture and the development of innovation.

Singapore investment experts MS Low Ling Wei, CEO of Vanda Global Capital: Lord Jeffrey Chi, a founder and Vice President of Venture Alesandrum members, and Stephen D. Ho lorem Director of Azeus system demonstrated the value of the investment on its agricultural and economic growth.

Wei, Dr. Cheng Me: Art marked Department Director, Department of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Florida, USA, also president of the International Association for Sustainability in Africa (IaaS), says IaaS platform dedicated to the application and practical experiences knowledge of experts in the world agricultural practices, research and education as we go into the context of sustainable development.

Dr. Tzhong Ru-Lee, Marketing a professor in the Department of National Taiwan University and vice chairman of the Chung Hsing International Association for Sustainability in Africa (IaaS), which marks Taiwan is willing to share its advanced technology. network in agriculture in the world, and establish cooperation on agricultural development.

We Dr. tan Liang, Associate Professor, LKCSB, Singapore Management University, Secretary-General of the Singapore International Association for Sustainability in Africa (IaaS) at the same time that, as in the city he leads, as the financial center of science and technology in Asia, leaders plays an important role in Singapore smart farming.

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